We, as a team with the ability to look from different perspectives, know the blessings of technology and data, are open to cooperation, pursue change, are flexible in finding appropriate solutions, are transparent enough to express the truth, focused on customer experience and results, take agile decisions and implement them with discipline, and share information. We have a culture of doing business.

Temel Aygün


Digital Transformation Director

  • 10+ Years, Packaging Industry, ERP & MES Solutions
  • 10+ Years, Textile Industry, ERP & Automation Solutions
  • 10+ Years, Tübitak MAM & ITU UUBF Academic Studies

Mete Baysal


Head of New, Renewable and Clean Energy Technologies Group

  • 35 Years, Industrial Project Design and Development, Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies, “Due Diligence” and Investment Finance Studies
  • 25+ Years, Industry and Energy Infrastructure Applications Senior Management
  • 25+ Years, Cogeneration and Trigeneration and Thermal Power Plant Applications
  • 15+ Years, Audited and Regulated National and International Energy Practices and Tariff Methodologies
  • 15+ Years, Natural Gas E&P, Distribution, Wholesale, CNG and LNG Applications and Trade
  • 15+ Years, New and Renewable Energy Technologies
  • 10+ Years, Electricity Transmission and Distribution (T&D) and Wholesale and Retail Sales
Serkan Gülener

Serkan Gülener


Digital Development Director

  • 10+ Years, Corporate Strategy Development and Target Spreading Consultancy
  • 10+ Years, Organizational Transformation and Corporate Culture Consultancy
  • 10+ Years, Manager and Leadership Competencies Coaching and Training

Murat Altan

BA Economics

Digital Projects Manager

  • 5+ Years, ERP & MES Application in Packaging Industry
  • 8+ Years, Intellect – Appian BPM & SAP B1 ERP Applications
  • 10+ Years, ERP, MRP, WHM & Automation Applications in the Textile Industry

Numan Bayrak

BA Economics

Advisory Board Member

  • 40+ years of Foreign Trade, International Trade, Overseas company management.
  • 25+ years of Packaging, Fertilizer, Construction Materials Trade and Industry.
  • 10+ years of Corporate Strategy Development, Business Lobby and Risk Management
  • 15+ years of Sales Marketing and international expansion consultancy.
  • 10+ Years Corporate Strategy Development Consultancy
  • 5+ Years, Corporate Digitalization, Supply Chain Optimization and Planning foresight consultancy.
  • Technology focused relationship management consultancy as a 25+ Year Futurist.

Onur Sivrioğlu



  • 10+ Years, Industrial and Packaging Production Factory Management

  • 3+ Years, Cosmetics Production Factory Management

  • 5+ Years, Industrial Products Production Management

We have software development, automation, data collection business knowledge and experience implemented in over 400 factories.

For years, we have the ability to produce up-to-date solutions on an infrastructure ranging from PLC (Programmable Logic Circuit) to OPC (Operator Panel with PLC) and/or IPC (Industrial Computer).

Starting from the industrial network infrastructure of the institutions with an end-to-end service approach, to SCADA solutions with sensor and data collection configuration, to the “must have” Cyber Security infrastructure solutions where data is concerned, to the digital (MES & MOM) management of production operations with software development and integration services, In addition to monitoring the data, Dashboard, Andon, KPI management applications, which will provide valuable information by processing, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and advanced decision support structures that will enable learning by applying the management rules that will make the decision to the data, and ultimately Digital We have the know-how to provide solutions up to factory configuration.

We have the capacity to correctly determine the unique structure and priorities of each customer, and to prepare a Strategic Roadmap that will plan the diagnosis and treatment phases specifically for the customer.

We have metrics (ROI/TCO) that will reveal the benefit of project solutions to be created according to the priorities and/or importance of our customers.

With the synergy created by our ecosystem, Services and Solutions (Cyber Security, Cloud Technologies, Mobile Applications, Dashboards (OEE, KPIs) Applications, Data Analytics (ML, DL, AI) Applications, ERP, CRM, Digital Marketing, New Business Models, Development Consulting).

We make an extra effort to train “permanent system developers” in the company we serve in all our projects, and we provide on-the-job trainings for raising people and protecting what has been done.

After the solution delivery, we stay with the project team for a while to ensure that the benefit we promised during the order is achieved and we ensure that the targets are met and sustainable.