DAMA MES (Data Collection, Measurement and Evaluation System from Machines)

There is no information without data, no decision support and management stages without information. Although it looks like it is, it is not healthy. All business owners know this. Data is now the “new fuel” of all businesses, and an inexhaustible fuel. By handling more and more data, making use of previous experiences while processing, using smart algorithms that take into account changing situations, and even by allowing the system to use some artificial inferences that the system will develop by itself, transforming value-added information into a decision for the business and enabling the business data-based management is one of the inevitable realities of today. Where are you in this thought? I don’t know, but there is one thing I know: Production is no longer without automation, automation data, management information and systems.

We can create integrated solutions by supporting our MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system with our Maintenance and Quality Management automation solutions.

In the process of transforming data into information,

  1. We are experts in collecting, measuring, processing, evaluating, stimulating, routing and storing data from all kinds of machines and environments.
    • Production information
    • Waste information
    • Downtime information
    • Humidity, temperature, noise, current, wind, motion, sensor, human, machine, alarm measurements, monitoring, tracking and management.
  1. With our ergonomic, flexible and technological solutions, not only for data collection, but also for mobile monitoring, reporting, warning of bottlenecks
  2. Planning, capacity and sequencing optimizations of the machines
  3. Monitoring of production KPIs via Dashboard
  4. Preparation of executive summary reports on industry BI solutions

We are always with you with our solutions.

With IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things, Data Collection, Monitoring, Processing and Evaluation) Applications

  1. Energy Management Automation
  2. Noise Measurement
  3. Monitoring Temperature & Humidity Changes
  4. OEE Total Equipment Efficiency
  5. Artificial Intelligence Assisted Manufacturing

MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) Applications

It is a solution that connects all modular structures in your business, provides integrated data use, management of the business with KPIs, instantaneous monitoring of production status, warning of possible bottlenecks and taking precautions, and digital management of the factory.

Ultimately, the intended benefits are

  1. Ensuring real-time operational traceability by digitizing the production area
  2. Reducing delivery time by balancing end-to-end processes
  3. Guaranteeing the quality at the first time by controlling the processes
  4. Reducing costs by increasing efficiency
  5. Project design that will add value by ensuring the adoption of the system

With the rapid implementation of the value, it is ensured that the return time of the investment is shortened.

Modules configured to work integrated with ERP and MES system

  1. Quality Assurance Integration
  2. Maintenance (Predictive Maintenance) Integration
  3. Integration of Production Control Processes
    • Preparation
    • Production
    • Process

result in the effective realization of benefits.