It is difficult to write success stories in some geographies. Although our culture is a transmission culture and comes with the transfer of words rather than writing, most of the stories told since Dede Korkut are in the past and their reflections have not reached the present day. Even worse, the majority of the beautiful stories experienced in this geography are not liked, wanted, or even shared in this geography, so that hopes do not arise, about change, transformation and development.

For years, we have been trying to accept the common values of humanity in accordance with the time and place of the age we live in, and by following their development, how we can put them into practice in our own geography and give ourselves a sense of identity. I would like to say that we have reaped the fruits of the work that has been done for all these years, but it is difficult to say that the place we come from promises good developments, even if “you will expel us from nine villages”, as in “friends say pain”. We believe in miracles, thank God, and we are close to surprises.

We have become travelers of such an age that we had to walk in the fog of uncertainties created by crises every 5-7 years. We are left with nothing, not to develop, but to “take it down” as the people say most of the time. And when we look back, to summarize a barley-long road we went;

We’ve been both inside and outside the academy.

We have done full R&D and produced products, and we have competed in international markets.

We have gained operability in all areas of the Textile and Packaging sectors, but we have also been involved in the Logistics, Food, Machinery and Automotive sectors.

Technology has always been our business and priority, we have always looked ahead and produced information and automation solutions. While doing this, we also offered consultancy services within the scope of the project, of course.

At this point, we continue on our way to do better as the heads of the team that has signed hundreds of projects. We want to walk together with our contemporaries of the same understanding.