Integration between systems is a priority and important issue within the scope of Industry 4.0 and/or Digital Transformation. The fact that the different systems used in the business are aware of each other by speaking the common language is a structure that will prevent the formation of inconsistent data that may result from human errors, as well as preventing time losses due to rework. With our experience, we are ready to provide both horizontal (communicating systems between business partners) and vertical (ERP, CRM, BPM, MRP, MES etc.) system communications available in the institution.

Horizontal Integration Example: Order Portal

Many of your customers order your familiar products every day, often in small quantities and in a variety of items. Afterwards, you experience intense telephone traffic for the delivery of these orders. In fact, you either employ sales support personnel for these communications, or you have to accept that your experienced employees will be interrupted many times during the day to answer customers who call. Now there is a solution that will create an efficient working environment without the need for additional human resources and/or without wasting your quality time with unnecessary phone answers. We develop the Order Portal solution specifically for you, which will allow your customers to place orders safely and quickly at any time and place without interrupting you.

Vertical Integration Example : investments that do not “all in one”

You use different products in your business, ranging from accounting to finance, from production management to supply chain, from customer relations to maintenance-repair management. However, when you need data from most and/or all of them, you transfer from each product to excel to create the information you desire, bring all excel files together in a way, and spend time in the process of transforming the data into information by making new calculations. In the process, both the extra and repetitive time of the human resources and the error-prone nature of the work done cause you to look at the reports you receive with question marks in your mind. However, today it is possible to create integrations that will enable data communication. Moreover, while doing this, it is possible to develop the integrated technology infrastructure of your business not only within the possibilities offered by your product suppliers, but also by evaluating the current technological infrastructures. Just tell us about your problem and your dream, we will do the analysis.

BPM supported Procurement, Quality Assurance,

We offer more than you expect on a technological platform, with mobile and “no-code” or “low code” infrastructure, with integration solutions that will direct your business to digital transformation without changing your existing systems and using the available data in the most efficient way for the integrated commissioning of Maintenance Automation and CRM processes. .