Digital Marketing

The developments in digital technologies directly and deeply affect the way of working all over the world. Nowadays, when the ease of communication (!) is at its peak, everyone can be reached anytime and anywhere. In our current life, SMS messaging and even e-mail messages, which are indispensable in a more recent past, have been replaced by the WhatsApp application. In line with the changes and transformations brought by the era, disruptive-innovative digital approaches on the basis of business models are on our agenda. This (r)evolution, which is handled within the scope of Industry 4.0, undoubtedly makes digital transformation inevitable in marketing activities.

In this training, information about the latest state of digital marketing tools will be given and the priorities and features that should be considered within the scope of corporate marketing activities will be presented to the awareness of the participants. The aim is not to offer a solution, but to convey the attention points on the way to the solution and the difficulties of the process to the participants. Obtaining professional external support in this regard and adjusting this support for continuous improvement are key decisions for the success of digital marketing-oriented processes.